Collaborators: Liang Yuan-Hsin & Yu Wan-Ting (Researchers), Wu Chao-Min (Researcher, UX Designer)

Tools: Figma

Problem Statement

More and more renters are seeking share houses for better living quality and lower rent. However, these youngsters met difficulties finding roommates who are clean and easy to get along with.Our goal, thus, is to help people find rooms in a shared house and match new roommates speedily and more transparent.

User Studies

1. Background

As Taiwan's house price remain stake high, 3 million people either choose to, or are forced to rent a place. Among the different types of renting living places, 40% are those are share houses.

2. Survey

According to our online survey, 40% of the respondents primarily use Facebook posts and other social network to find roommates who they did not know beforehand. 30% respondents find roommates within a week, while 47% respondents find their roommate more than one week.In addition, 20% of respondents don't know where to look for new roommates, and 34% have concerns for living with a complete stranger.

3. Interview

We selected our interviewees according to these characteristics:

  1. Have long been a renter of rooms, suites, or shared houses.

  2. Are open to live with strangers, several conditions may apply

  3. Have experiences searching or finding roommates to share in an apartment floor

Who Are Our Users?

Chris lives with his college friends now and he is looking for a new roommate
Victoria wants to move to a shared house that looks chic and clean

Information Architecture

Targeted users are divided into 3 categories:

  1. People/Roomies match searchers (Red flow) -> Looking for roommate searching and matching according to daily routines and personal interest

  2. House resources posters, such as sublessor or owners (Green flow) -> People who want to combine house and roommate searching

  3. Home/Physical place finders (Blue flow) -> People who want to send speedy messages without the hassle of invading private life


Onboarding and User Diverging

User Type 1: Roommate Matching

User Type 2: Posting vacant house and room resources

User Type 3: Housing Resources Searchers

All Users - Main Menu And Navigation


  1. The app function is structured, while the usability is not yet tested

  2. We would like to interview more home owners to understand their concerns, needs, and budget concerns regarding posting their rental resource online.

  3. We want to know whether the quick chat CTA will really encourage the users to initiate conversations.

Next Steps

My next step is to conduct first stage usability testing to validate the feature design for focus groups. I will examine whether the user flow is smooth.