Cat-Nip Manga Cafe Visual Identity

A canvas with logo print hung on a wooden wall of a shop's front

Timeline: 1 month

My Role: Sole Graphic Designer


Cat-Nip Manga Cafe is a local cafe shop that offers Japanese manga hours, located next to National Taiwan University at Taipei, Taiwan.

It was opened by a friend's friend, in their senior years, wanting to try something different. I was commissioned to create a visual identity system for store sign, packaging, and print-outs.

Concept Sketches

Heavily marketed as a relaxing place to read main-stream or indie Japanese mangas, the commissioner wanted the logo to be immediately recognizable as a shop related to manga. Many sketches of cat characters are drawn and proposed, and a cat face with a bit sneaky but friendly look was selected.

Screen Printing

Working within a limited budget, my client and I made multiple signboards with handmade screen printing.

Printables and Usage


This was an extremely special passion project for me. The shop's name was originally came up by me as another side project, and later on given to the cafe shop owner.