Data Visualization Project

We’re Not Superstitious, But We Are A Little-Stitious

Project Summary

In an effort to explore how superstition affects human behavior, we utilized a dataset from  the Department of Health State of Florida that documents the number of marriages per each individual date (e.g. January 1st, 1989, 373 marriages) starting from January 1989 to May 2022, encompassing 12204 days. Our data analysis and visualization shows how specific number combinations are highly preferred or clearly avoided by the Florida population, causing marriges number to soar or plunge.

Timeline: Oct 2020 - Dec 2020

My Role: Data Analysis, Data Visualization, Illustration, Figma Interaction

Team members: Pooja Pandey, Chao-Min Wu

Data Analysis and Design Process

We use Tableau to clease our data, conduct analysis, and identify the most persuasive data visualization. We then exported the rudimentary graphs as SVG files to import to Figma and Adobe Illustrator to work on visual styles and interaction.

Stortelling: Medium Article

Data visualization is just the beginning. We needed a narrative. Read our full article on Medium here.

Interactive Figma Prototype