Animation Collection

Commissioned by clients, friends, or just as courseworks, this is a collection of the animation works I've done.

What Is Translation?

This is an explainer video about the process of language translation, such as the definitions of the source language and target language, exemplified with Baudelaire's poem "The Cat". This topic stems from my interest for language learning and communication. This is also a coursework in 2018 for Digital Media Design.

An Absurdly Happy Dance - by The Other

The song "An Absurdly Happy Dance" by the Taiwanese alternative band "The Other", is a spectacular song difficult to categorize as one genre. I was practicing special effects in After Effects and tried to imitate the atmosphere of the poetic lyrics, which used knocking verbs such as "tremendous noises", "plunging”, and "decisive moments". This is a coursework in 2018 for Digital Media Design.

Bank Investment Explainer Animation

In 2020, I singlehandedly helped a bank investment client make an explainer video for a new fund investment. I created storyboards, characters, voice over, and the finalization of the animation. The shorter version of the video was broadcast on buses and bank branches throughout the nation, gaining more than 90K views.

Lighthouse Visual Image: Tuan Huang
Voice-Over, Story Board, Illustration: Chao Min Wu